Book Truck Booking (Coming SUMMER 2021)

The mobile bookstore is a new venture of the flagship business developed in response to the need to shift the narrative to a more accurate account of the availability and abundance of literature written from the perspective of an author or protagonist of color. The Big Red Book Truck is a mobile bookstore dedicated to coloring the core of children of all ages through a shared literary experience centered around the joys of the cultures of people of color. It is a specific, intentional, and accessible answer to America’s cluelessness around the complexity of the black experience. The team at Big Red Book Truck has a regular weekly schedule throughout the City of Hartford and is available to book for special events. "Bringing the bookstore to the block"

  • Community Events

  • Festivals

  • Farmer Markets

  • Birthday Parties

  • Read-a-long with question/answer sessions

  • Arts & Crafts sessions

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