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Big Red Book Truck

The mobile bookstore is a new venture of the flagship business developed in response to the need to shift the narrative to a more accurate account of the availability and abundance of literature written from the perspective of an author or protagonist of color.

The Big Red Book Truck is a mobile bookstore dedicated to coloring the core of children of all ages through a shared literary experience centered around the joys of the cultures of people of color. It is a specific, intentional, and accessible answer to America’s cluelessness around the complexity of the black experience. The team at Big Red Book Truck has a regular weekly schedule throughout the City of Hartford and is available to book for special events.  "Bringing the bookstore to the block"


Where can you find us?


Community Events

Farmer Markets

Birthday Parties

Read-a-long with question/answer sessions

Arts & Crafts sessions

Get Your Book on the Truck or Book the Truck for your next event

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